Why should I use Google Hotel Ads?

This video covers why you should use
Google Hotel Ads or the benefits of Google Hotel Ads to hotel suppliers and
online travel agencies. To start it’s probably not news to most people that
travelers often turn to the Internet when looking for a hotel. In fact
according to research, 75% of leisure travellers and 65% of business travellers
use digital resources when planning travel. Within user’s digital touchpoints
future travellers cite search engines as the most common point of entry. On Google
alone there are millions of hotel queries every day. And on top of using
multiple sources of information, consumers today also navigate across
multiple devices, whether they’re at a bus stop on their mobile phone, in
between meetings at work on a laptop or even on a tablet on their sofa at home. Hotels have more opportunities than ever
before to connect with their potential customers. And this evolving and complex
multi-screen planning process, can present significant challenges in terms
of knowing when, how and where to engage with your customers. And this is where
Google Hotel Ads can help you stay competitive. Let’s take a deeper look at the three
key benefits of Google Hotel Ads. So first, Google Hotel Ads show up across multiple Google touch points as well as across devices. By participating in Hotel
Ads you’re able to connect with travellers looking for rooms that you
have, no matter where or when they’re searching. Next Hotel Ads let travelers
book directly with the hotel. Essentially they provide an additional
source of direct traffic, which means more control over your customers’ entire experience with your brand, on top of analytics for their entire journey
from start to finish, which allows you to gain long-term insight and make
optimization decisions. And last but not least Hotel Ads capture consumers deeper in the funnel to deliver highly qualified leads to your site. Users seeing Hotel
Ads have typically specified key details about their desired room, and they’ve seen
key decision influencing information like room availability, price, description, reviews, photos, your
location on Google Maps and even more. In other words, users clicking on Hotel Ads have already vetted many details about your offerings, making them more highly
qualified shoppers. Taking two case studies, you can see the at-a-glance
metrics are really positive: Hilton Worldwide who began using Google Hotel Ads in 2011 has now implemented Hotel Ads with all 4200 of its hotels, resulting in
a 45% increase in conversion rate and a 12 percent stronger ROI, compared to
traditional search ads. Premiere Inn, the largest hotel chain in the UK, saw
similar results with Google Hotel Ads: with a 40 percent growth in new customer
bookings, three times the return on their ad spend and a 60% lower cost per
acquisition, once again compared to traditional search ads. To learn more about using Google Hotel Ads, keep watching the videos in this YouTube playlist or check out google.com/ads/hotels for more information.

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