Why working in the Middle East WON’T make you RICH

You know we’ve all done it, we’ve all been there and we’ve all seen that job application come through for me it was teaching, I got an email two and a half thousand pounds tax free you can live in this sunny city, it’s got an amazing picture and you think, oh blimey, two and a half grand a month, do the math 30 grand a year i think… yeah 30 grand a year tax free I get accommodation given to me I’ll work there for three yers, I’ll come back with the best part of 100 grand probably not you probably won’t now, I moved to Kuwait, I’ve lived in Kuwait as a teacher, I’ve lived in Dubai as a teacher and I can tell you that the likelihood of you getting rich from living in the Middle East is quite slim now obviously if you’re coming to work for NBK, National Bank of Kuwait or National Bank of Qatar or you’re going to be in the top executive company, then firstly, welcome to YouTube this is where we make videos and share them on an online platform and secondly, you will probably make some good dosh some good cash now for me, I lived a pretty simple life when I was in Kuwait because I didn’t have a car I used to take buses, I made a video about my life there, which you can watch in this card and… later, if you you like and I used to take buses, I didn’t buy a car, cars are… it’s not like they’re really expensive but it’s one of the things which can really eat away once you bought it you’ve sold it, you’ve taken a depreciation, you’ve gotten the insurance you have a crash, then you loose all of your money, blah, blah, blah, by the way traffic driving here is crazy so will you get rich by living East? probably not join a health club, that’s probably going to be like 200 quid a month but you can afford it right? you can afford it, go out to eat at a nice fancy American expat western restaurant yeah, you can afford it right? you can afford all of this stuff now, I’m not trying to… I’m not trying to convince anybody to change their lifestyle, but looking at these numbers, and looking at these figures when you get that email, when you see that job offer you read through the paper, you see that application or you see that advert and you think… I’m going to make an application for this job and you think, omg, I’m going to be rich will you wealthier then in the UK? Of course because, by the way I’m a Brit, I’m talking about the UK same goes for the US, I know teachers in the UK and the US earn very similar amounts relatively so anyway yeah, you’re going to be better off but you’ve got to be careful if you do come here with the intention of saving up and having a nice nest egg lump sum then you’ve got to be careful about what you do commit to, what you don’t commit to all these little extras that people like to take out, like the health club, like the fancy cars like the foreign holidays, as a teacher you get a lot of holiday, you’re only working 9 months of the year so what do you do for the remaining 3 months? You go on holiday, and you spent like an absolute… prince right? you’re flashing the cash you’re going all over, you’re climbing mountains, you’re going on all expenses paid you know, full package deals you’re going to Bahrain every weekend you’re going to Dubai every weekend unless you live there already in which is already expesnive in what you’re spending so you get the idea right? the point here is… if you come here and when I say here, I mean the Middle East, I mean the Gulf, I mean Qatar Doha, Oman, Kuwait Dubai… wherever and you do just allow yourself to totally escalate that lifestyle I think it’s called experience stretching where you get used to… you get accustomed to a certain lifestyle and then that becomes normal and then you just keep doing it if you do have any specific questions about what I’m talking about, you can join my Patreon where I can answer your Arabic language related questions or your living in the Middle East related questions or anything really about saving money and how to save and spend and stuff I did quite well, I saved most of the money I earned when I lived in Kuwait which allowed to then kind of work elsewhere without the same kind of pressure and blah, blah, blah, not going to give you my life story right now join my Patreon, you can ask me on there, if you do want to join iTalki, that’s a good site for learning languages link is in the description and until next time, you can check out more videos about living abroad up here and here and you can subscribe just there, hope to see you again back here soon and until next time, bye bye!


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