Wild Camping on the Road to Hana | Van Life Hawaii Part 2

This week we continue our campervan
adventure around Maui with a whale watching tour, an epic camping spot on
the road to Hana and Kait goes spelunking. So I was thinking with the rain today why don’t we find a spot to work and then we can play tomorrow. pretty awesome sunset
pretty awesome coffee look at the clouds over here I don’t care where do you are in the
world five o’clock in the morning is still early it’s gonna be worth it
I hope so
I can’t wait to see the humpback whales up close in person.
And the sunrise!
oh yeah that too I guess that comes along with getting up
early right?
They don’t call it the sunrise whale watch for nothing. All right, I’m going to make some coffee of course you are
yep Does anyone know what season it is?
for the next two hours you are going to be a part of our active research team
everything that we spot out there is going to go into a database system so we
definitely appreciate your participation For the most part if you see if a flipper, tell the skipper, if you see a spout give a shout and is you see a tail give a hail.
this looks like one of the clearest days so far that we’ve been here quite a few whales out today there’s a
mom and baby whale out here this morning it’s pretty amazing to watch them this
mom is coming down because the water is so clear here so their eyesight is not
the best sense that they have so this clear water down here is an excellent
way for that mom to keep an extra eye on her young
listen to these whales so
while they are down here in the breeding grounds they do sing a song that was incredible it was I couldn’t
have asked for a better whale watching experience and the sunrise tour is
definitely the way to go highlight of my trip to Maui.
It literally was like whale soup out there well let’s see what else Maui has to
All right let’s go! After talkingto all the locals at Maui
they said best bet is to get food at Costco otherwise prepared to pay hurt me
prices I love checking out Costco’s all over
the country because they usually have local items that you don’t find at other
what are these things they’re giant shrimp chips. These are made in Honolulu. Taro and sweet potato chips it’s way too cold and that chiller for
me so Kait’s going inside to grab all the vegetables.
Fridge is fully stocked
what all is in there now? We’ve got broccoli, celery, hummus, locally grown hydroponic butter lettuce and locally grown mushrooms.
And fish.
And we got some Ono which is wahoo so we can do some fish bowls I like it okay all right
let’s get on the road so we’re gonna head to Hana and go to Holly Alcala
National Park but first stop cheapest gas on the island Costco and you can
tell by the lines everyone else knows that you we are on the road to Hana and I think
what we’re gonna try to do is find a campground along the way or place the
park where we can stop because we are getting a bit of a late start today it’s
already 2:00 p.m. and just to get to Hana I think it’s like two two and a
half hours to figure it out just wing it how we like to roll alright let’s see
what the Maui revealed guidebook says about the Hana Highway the first half of the drive is more
tightly enclosed by vegetation so you won’t get too many expansive views a
series of roads and trails lead to Twin Falls people tend to spend too much time
here because it’s the first available Falls you might wait for the nicer less
mopped waterfalls later I say we wait for later sounds good I’m not gonna lie
this road is way a bit fun the bit nerve-racking for me Joe’s having a good
time there are a lot of turns it’s a narrow road we’re just back and forth and there’s a
lot of traffic so I’m very happy he’s driving
van life in a rain forest this Drive reminds me of the time we spent at Costa
Rica quite a bit except these roads are a lot nicer for now don’t jinx them ready for a trail hike in the rainforest
let’s do it it’s amazing how we went from like almost perfectly clear skies
to rainforest in what half an hour 40 minutes mm-hmm if that there are
chickens everywhere a Maui yes it did not expect to find one on this trail in
there it is yeah all right which trail right or left let’s go right we can do
the short loop and do the other one if we want you okay I’m good with that
that’s kind of funny the trees are at work there’s some big ones you don’t go back in here yeah not what I expected on the trail my feet
are going to be covered in mud by the time we’re done I like your choice of
footwear mud cleanup yeah got a few mosquito bites too interesting trail yep
I’ve got mosquito bites all over my leg but worth it
let’s go find a waterfall this time well you said it was a little waterfall right
that’s what the guidebook says but it also rained yesterday so maybe it’s a
little bigger today true I have to say with the lack of cell signal I’m so
happy to have that Maui revealed guide oh that is like the Alaska mile by mile
guide you have to have that thing coming through here or else you’d never know it
was in the forest pretty
thank you so much for driving us you’re very welcome I’ve been enjoying it
although it is a bit a white-knuckle here and there the road to Hana well
worth it yes I feel like there was a call made that
we were like parked here so he said he was coming over to check us out had to
make sure we were okay seemed like a nice guy he could be leading us astray
but I’m willing to go check it out got an awesome camping spot and the
locals thank God for cool locals yes but I will warn you if you come out
to a spot like this don’t camp here unless invited by a local someone
checked on us last night and we dropped the name with our friend who showed us
this spot we were told it was okay but before that they weren’t too happy over
here there are some great waves out there but man I would not want to get
watched into these rocks back on the road to Hana I’m glad we split up the
drive though because yesterday it was very foggy and I don’t know if that was
just the day or it rolls into the evening but this morning it’s much
clearer so we’ll get to see both sides of it so you’re actually going in I’m gonna go
for it it’s 140 feet there’s my light on no get it again there you go okay wish
me luck good luck kate is going spelunking good luck don’t get lost all
right let me go lock up the van I can’t believe I’m actually gonna go into that
thing with Kate I’m not a big fan of caves or tight spots you can actually
stand up once you get in here pretty cool huh we’ll say it is kind of creepy I don’t
like going into random dark holes or coals so I’m going out if it if it’s
like a known cave and their paths and things like that and these are known to
collapse so I’m going out okay see you bye are you going I’m gonna venture a
little further enjoy okay for the most part this cave is pretty easy to get
through just this little opening right here otherwise I can pretty much stand
up the whole time here’s the opening on the other side I’m a little bummed Joe
didn’t come all the way it was a really short hike out to this opening you can
see all the root system really cool experience all right better head back
before Joe gets worried back at the opening
Oh hit my head there careful coming out of this thing I did I was hoping I
wasn’t gonna have to come in there and try to rescue you
it was really cool what I found funny was on our drive up here you’re like oh
there’s a cave ahead these types of caves are known to collapse it was a
cool experience well I’m glad you did thank you I’m glad I did too
yeah really fun I would do check out the black sand beach I am looked gorgeous from the other side what do you think yeah you get your pants wet
I haven’t done it today you don’t mind me I’m just gonna be over a mile couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful
spot to do my daily cheekbone exercise but I suppose we should forge on yeah
continue to Hana it is gorgeous here there are a lot of Jeep Wranglers here
yes there are I think that’s the number one rental car of Maui or the Mustang
it’s gonna be interesting trying to get out of this place all right well I’ll go
out and help the right traffic for you a little bit I’ll say it again yeah baby
Sahara beautiful here it is gorgeous rock formation out there reminds me of
hopewell rocks there is so much to see we probably
could have taken a couple days just to get here yeah do you know what the good
thing you’re not wearing your hat cuz your dome over here needs to get a
little Sun hey I don’t need that much time
I like the mud stripe yep the baby where to the National Park Campground
okay next time we go from sea level to 10,000
feet and watch the sunset from above the clouds thank you guys so much for watching you
enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t
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