Winter Camping in a Snow Tent

The first step to pitching our snow tent is
creating a nice hard level surface. We do this by compressing the snow with our snow shoes Snow pegs or tent pegs are often useless, so I gather some small tree branches nearby. With the tent’s main frame standing and pegged down we are now ready to put the outer layer on top. What I’m doing here is making a snow anchor. Wide enough for my stick. And I don’t even tie a knot, all I do is wrap
that around then just bury it. The reason I don’t tie a knot is because it
can be extremely difficult to undo the knot once everything freezes, and that’s what’s gonna happen tonight, The temperature will drop to minus 7 So even this small stick should be enough
to make a snow anchor. Just inside here in the vestibule section
I’m digging out a small hole. Could use this hole for cooking, also makes it easier to
get out of the tent in the morning and put your shoes on, Just got the back door of the tent open now,
I’m gonna pass the stuff inside to Christina, she’s inside now. In the meantime digging a hole for my
backpack. So when the camera was off just then I dug
the hole a bit deeper and a bit wider. I took a lot of stuff out of my backpack, if required
that will give us a bit more storage space having that hole. Snow shoes sticking out of the ground. There’s Christina getting the hut ready, our
little house. With our front doorstep made of snow. Sweeety you cold. Yes cold, very cold. Lets venture over here to the mountain suburb
of Andrew Bishop. Your digging your front doorstep out? It’s a lot neater than my doordstep! Somewhere to sit and put my shoes on. Its’ now about an hour later, I have my dinner
cooking here, that peice of foil is so I can place my pots on the ground without them
getting icy cold. So theres our snow pit that we made.

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