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Next year’s celebration of success is
going to be unbelievably special Bruges is one of the most special places in the
world it is located a little over an hour from
Brussels. Many people have called Bruges the most beautiful city in Europe and
definitely the most picturesque. Bruges is called
the Venice of the north. You can walk the entire city in the time you are going to
be in Bruges. Anyone taking a walk through the narrow streets or a boat trip on the canal falls immediately under its spell. Bruges is the best
preserved example of a medieval city center it’s pedestrian Market Square is
considered by many to be among the most beautiful squares in Europe especially
when lit at night all of the unforgettable beauty and culture of this
dream City can be explored on foot. If weather permits you must take a boat
ride on the canal The canals loop across the city like a
string of pearls. Picturesque cobbled lanes and dreamy canals link photogenic squares with soaring towers historic churches and great small stores
in which to shop The boutiques, chocolate factories, stores and breweries with hundreds of varieties of beer will give you plenty of time to get happily lost. There are many historical sites to see including the Basilica of the Holy Blood
which is said to contain a vial of blood said to be that of Jesus so bring your
comfortable shoes and be prepared for one of the most charming and interesting
Celebration of Success trips ever to the most beautifully preserved pre motorized
site in Europe. Bruges offers the kind of charms that are rarely available. It is the perfect place for ISE’s Celebration of Success

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