WORST Travel Moments Of 2017

Hi guys! I want to make a video about travel fails:
some of the worst moments of our travels in 2017. These are all things that
were happening behind the scenes that I may have mentioned on Instagram or Insta Stories but I’ve never sat down and just made
a whole video telling you some of the biggest fails. I mean there were lots of little moments
of things going wrong, obviously, but these were some of the things that – looking back –
were kind of awful when they happened and now just make me laugh. I mean some of them…they were so ridiculous
they even just made me laugh at the time. So without further ado I want to start by telling you
the time that our apartment flooded in Berlin. We had been up late the night before ’til around
four in the morning working on the next day’s video, which isn’t that uncommon, went to bed,
and I woke up the next morning at, I think, 8:58. I remember that in my mind
and I got up to go towards the bathroom and the apartment was very small. There was, like, the bedroom and then the middle room
which was kitchen slash living room – everything – and a bathroom. And so I’m not a morning person
by any stretch of the imagination but I’m walking along and I feel that my feet are wet and then I realize that it’s raining. And I had this very brief moment of thinking,
like, am I dreaming? Am I still asleep? Like what’s going on? Then I realize I am very much awake and it is
very much raining inside our apartment. Now I’ve been in floods before
but I’ve never experienced, you know, what feels like
rain pouring down from the ceiling. It was coming through all of the light sockets. It was running down the walls, pooling on the floor. Everything that was on the floor
or touching the walls was completely soaked. I looked into the bathroom and it was
the same thing happening there. Everything was just wet and the worst part about it was that it just kept coming –
gushing from the ceiling – and then I heard someone out in the hallway who was, like, pounding on the door, ringing the doorbell, and I couldn’t open the door. I’m pulling on it, I cannot open the door. We realize that what’s happened is that because
the water has been pouring on this wood door frame the wood has warped. So this door actually will not
physically come open anymore. So he starts to bust down the door. I feel him punching it, kicking it,
like, rattling it like this and he kicks the door
and part of the door frame flies off in my face and I was, like, hold up! Let me just back out of the way
before you bust the door down anymore – the door is flying into my face. So I backed up and he literally kicked the door in. ‘Just a minute – go back!’
-‘It’s a little dangerous!’ ‘Yes – go back!’
-‘Ok.’ ‘Holy shit.’ I’m just glad that we could get out of the apartment
because with water coming from above and pooling below it was
making me feel a little bit trapped that the only way in and out of the apartment
was completely stuck and that he didn’t break down
more of the door in my face and that only part of the door frame
flew off and didn’t cause any damage. Imagine if it’d gone in my eye or something? Awful. And that actually, funnily enough, was not the only
apartment that we stayed in this year that flooded. We actually had a flooded apartment
in Cartagena back in Colombia and that was also a situation where I was in bed. I don’t know why this happens…maybe it’s, like,
karma for not being a morning person or something – the universe is trying to tell me something. But anyways lying in bed and I wake up
and there’s water dripping onto my forehead and I looked up and realize that it was,
again, raining inside. Although I can’t use the term ‘raining’ –
it was, like, dripping from the ceiling. I was, like, oh my god, I wonder what’s happened. There had been, like, a big rain storm
the night before that we noticed so there was a lot of water outside the apartment and it was happening on Marc’s side of the bed too. My pillow was all wet. When I swung my legs over the side of the bed
to stand up it was pooled on the floor beside the bed and, unfortunately, there was no
bedside table in that room and so I had all of my things on the floor beside the bed. Thank god I didn’t have my phone on the floor
because I was charging it in another room but I did have my – I don’t know – my Kobo e-reader and some other things on the floor
and they were ruined. Well, at least the case was. I managed to save the e-reader. I don’t know how but
thankfully it was ok by some miracle. Another thing that happened in Cartagena was…
I don’t know if you guys remember the video called… I think it was called ‘Sailing To A Secret Beach’ where we got to go out on a sailboat
and it was amazing and, as you can imagine, we really wanted to fly the drone because it was gorgeous. We had perfect, perfect weather that day. We were like, oh my god, we’ve got to get the drone
up in the air and just capture all of this from above. It’s going to look amazing. But ok…learned some things that day. We tried to fly the drone
up off of the deck of the sailboat and there was no flat space on the boat because
the boat sort of goes down like this and so the surface that we were trying to launch it from
was just a little bit…I don’t know. It wasn’t perfectly straight
but I didn’t think it’d be that big a deal. So anyway – so I placed it down and I was sort of watching, Marc was flying it, and he went to go up and instead of going up,
it went to the side and I went into, like, Jason Bourne mode
and just lunged forward after the drone because I could see it going towards the ocean. Salt water – no bueno! So I lunged forward, grabbed it
while the propellers were still going, and thank god for the mercy of the universe
there was like a little lip that went all around the deck of the sailboat. So by the grace of that little lip,
and me lunging forward in time to get it, we managed to save the drone
from flying into the ocean. So, you know, you never want
to see your drone go sideways. Not unless you’re trying to get it to go sideways. So, yeah, we won’t be doing that again. We did fly it from other places so you can
enjoy that drone footage like we did but I’m never going to launch it
off of anything but a flat surface and I think I will be very hesitant
to launch it off of a boat. There was actually another thing
that happened in Cartagena. As I’m realizing it, there’s actually
one, two, three…three things that went wrong in beautiful Cartagena of all places. We went to a restaurant –
we were having like a date night. The video was called, I think, ‘A Date Night In Cartagena’ when Marc and I just wanted to kind of treat ourselves and go to a nice restaurant and enjoy the city and it ended in a quite memorable way
but for the wrong reasons because we were sitting at a table –
it was a table for two – on the wall and there was a little ledge where there was a window
that looked out onto the street, which was very nice, and the window ledge had a place
where you could put things. So I think I put my purse there, Marc put his phone –
his iPhone – on the ledge and, you know, we’re eating dinner and vlogging it,
having a really fun time, and at the end of the night
when we went to leave Marc said, ‘Uh I can’t find my phone. Do you have it?’ ‘Cause often I’ll, you know, put it in my purse
or carry it for him or something and I was like, ‘No, I don’t have it. Did you check your pockets or…
you know, it was on that ledge. I don’t know what happened to it.’ And so we’re looking all around,
no idea what happened to it, and Marc realizes that his chair
is feeling a little bit uneven. So he kind of like rocks back and forth. You know when your table leg needs like
a little matchbook underneath it or something? Same kind of idea. So he looks down. Somehow his phone is underneath the leg of his chair,
screen up, and the screen is completely smashed. So somehow during our wonderful
romantic date night in Cartagena Marc has been sitting on the screen of his iPhone. And we had no idea. It’s just ridiculous like to this day
neither of us has any idea what happened. There’s something even more tragic
knowing that your body weight was the cause of smashing the screen of your iPhone. So anyway – I mean people smash phones all the time. That was three things that happened in Cartagena and then there was actually a fourth thing
that happened in Colombia. This was in a taxi on the way from Medellin to Guatapé. If you’ve seen the Guatapé videos you know
it was that gorgeous place with the monolith surrounded by lakes and the rock you can climb up and the the town has all of those murals
that we animated in that video to kind of make them come to life. So Guatapé was amazing but on the drive from Medellin our taxi was actually struck from behind by a motorbike
that then swerved and crashed directly into a bus and it was really traumatic to see
and I think it stuck with me because Marc and I drove a scooter for many years
and we were actually in an accident so I can relate to it and it was so scary to first of all be hit from behind
because we didn’t know what happened and then to see like a millisecond later this guy
at full speed just crash directly into a bus. He was going so fast and the bus was parked
that he went full into it, made an indent, and his head just popped right off of the bus
and the way his head snapped I will never forget. It was very scary and thankfully, you know,
we were ok, he was ok, the people in the bus were ok
but it was a scary moment and then when we got to Guatapé
and we pulled up outside our hostel we got out and saw the scrape
where he had hit the back of our car before kind of bouncing off and crashing into the bus. So that was a story that was
really scary at the time and, looking back, I’m just so glad
that everyone involved was ok. On a much lighter, tastier note
how about a story about hot dogs? If you saw our vlog about going from Toronto to Paris then you know that we were on a Wow Air flight
that stopped in Iceland and, as you may have heard me mention before,
Marc and I actually met in Iceland, our families are Icelandic,
and so it’s a really special place for us and Icelandic hot dogs – I know I’m biased –
but they are the best in the world and so we wanted to take the little stopover
as an opportunity to get hot dogs and kokomjólk, which is Icelandic chocolate milk,
and then Skyr which is like yogurt. Oh and a candy bar because
they make delicious chocolate and liquorice. So the place that we were going to go was closed
because it was the middle of the night and we heard at the other end of the airport
at a different part of the terminal there was a place where you could get them. So we ran, we got the hot dogs, we vlogged it all, and then it put us way behind and we actually
almost missed our flight to Paris. So I guess now I can truthfully tell people
I am the type of person who will almost miss a flight because of devotion to hot dogs. So we…it all worked out in the end. We got the hot dogs, we got to Paris but we really…
I think we were the last people on the flight and, you know, it was flashing ‘Final Boarding’ and, you know, it was one of those you get on the plane
and they seal and then they leave immediately. So we were just lucky in that case. The last fail of 2017 that I want to talk about
is a story that is still ongoing and that is that in Bratislava, Slovakia our drone crashed and there’s a lot of detail to this story. I could probably make a whole video
telling you this story so if you would like me to do that
please leave a comment down below. But, in short, it basically involves
the drone crashing on the top of a building, a naked boy, and me climbing to the roof in the snow. So if you want some more detail
about that then let me know but we have no drone right now and hopefully will soon. So please cross your fingers and toes
if you love the drone as much as I do. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know if you enjoy story time like this, if you want to hear more about fails like this
as they’re happening instead of in a round up like this at the end of the year because god knows I think it’s funny. Maybe not at the time but I would love to hear what your favourite fail
or worst moment was that I told you about so leave me a comment down below
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