What’s up everybody? We are Marko and Alex. And you are watching Vagabrothers. And this video is about the types of people you’ll meet while traveling. For us, travel is not just about the places we go, it’s about the people we meet. Your travel buddies will show you new perspectives and change your life for the better. But there’ re certain people you’ll never forget for all the wrong reasons. Let’s meet them. First up: you have “The Partier.” These people travel only to get wasted and do crazy shit they would never do back home. Get down! National varieties include: Aussies, Brits, And of course, good ol’ fashioned Americans. Whoo……God bless the USA!!! Who knows where they are at midnight? But at check out time, there’s only one place to find them. [Vomiting sounds] Another common site is the “Cosmopolitan Casanova” An international ladies’ man, not just trying to get stamps in his passport, but a notches on his belt. So have you checked anything off your bucket list? Bucket list, dude? Forget that noise. We’re talking “fuck-it list” now! Here you go. These are for me. You can take two. Take two more. These will make a healthy guy. Fuck-it list. Engage! Next you have the “Old Jaded Traveler.” No matter where you are, the story is always the same. Should have been here 30 years ago, man. This place was paradise until you kids came and messed it all up! And then of course, there is the “Painfully Stingy Budget Traveler” especially common in India and Southeast Asia. This person is not exactly on a budget. They have money. They are just hellbent on getting the local price, even if it comes at the expense of locals. So I told the guy, “50 rupees ?,… please…” Locals pay half that. I can’t spend money I don’t have. I’m on a budget. Waiter…..another beer. Big one. Then you have “The Lone Wolf” that guy who hangs out in the communal area of the hostel but speaks to no one. His kryptonite – “The Overly Attached Solo Traveler” desperately searching for someone to travel with. Hey. What’s up? Are you traveling alone? Always. Let’s go together! The best travel moments are meaningful in a way that changes your life forever. But not according to this guy. For him the whole world is a giant tourist trap. Ladies and gentlemen, “The Authenticity Seeker.” It was so incredible. I mean, who really gets invited to a traditional Indian wedding? That’s amazing. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, ladies, but Indian weddings??? Soooo touristic. Tonight I’m going to an Indian funeral on the Ganges. We light the pyres at seven. You’re sure to come across the person who loses everything. I’ve lost my “passaporto” OK…..passport. Yes and a small chihuahua white. The person who’s disgusted by everything Have you seen the bathrooms in there? This place is disgusting. There is a drunk man on the floor passed out in his own vomit. Atrocious. The culturally shell-shocked. I know noone speaks English so I told him to drive me down the street. So bad…….I couldn’t even look at him He tried to kill me And it was so scary…. The “Indiana Jones Traveler” who dresses for a trip to Europe like it’s the search for El Dorado. The Planner: any deviation from “the plan” will cause a mental breakdown. Here’s your itinerary. Turn to page one. 6:47 wake up; 7:15 breakfast; and then we head straight to the first museum You know, I don’t really want to go to the museum. [scream] [cry]. Painfully common is “The Know-It-All.” The Know- It- All. This person takes a healthy curiosity with the world and turns it into an intellectual pissing contest. I’ll have the ramen and a century egg. Trust me. It’s all the rage in L.A. right now. [Orders in Japanese] Domo… I……..got this. Domo arigato Mr Robato All right guys. If you enjoyed that video, you know what to do. Give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for new travel videos every Tuesday and Saturday. Big thanks to everyone who helped us out with this video It was made in collaboration with a lot of different channels from the YouTube Next Up 2016 class. So go to check them out. Their channels are in the info box. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.


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