Yokota’s CGO Council volunteers at Yokota’s Post Office assisting with packages.

YOKOTA’S POST OFFICE, LIKE MANY OTHERS AROUND THE HOLIDAYS, CAN GET PRETTY BUSY. FORTUNATELY VOLUNTEERS, SUCH AS SECOND LIEUTENANT ASHLEY WRIGHT, ARE DONATING THEIR TIME TO MAKE SURE THE MAIL KEEPS MOVING…. CGOC, or the Company Grade Officer Council, is helping out the augmentees from the COMM Squadron at the post office and right now we’re just helping them help sort mail just part of the holiday festivities and trying to give back to our fellow Airmen. YOKOTA’S POST OFFICE EXPECTS TO SEE 90,000 POUNDS OF MAIL GO THROUGH IT’S DOORS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. There’s a lot of packages coming in, it’s the holiday season so there’s a lot more mail coming in, so us coming in it kind of helps alleviate that burden. AND THIS VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY WAS UNLIKE MANY OTHERS THAT THE CGO UNDERTAKES… What’s different about this event is that we’re actually getting to work alongside our fellow Airmen, getting to know what they actually do on a day to day basis, so it kind of creates a different camaraderie that we normally don’t get to have on some volunteer events. We don’t always get to do that, especially with Airmen that aren’t working with our own squadron, so this is awesome, we love being a part of this. A CHANCE TO GIVE BACK…AND RECEIVE SOMETHING IN RETURN….TRULY WHAT THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALL ABOUT…AIRMAN FIRST CLASS CHRIS DUCKWORTH, YOKOTA AIR BASE, JAPAN…

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