York 101: Campus Tour

Right here within Vari Hall here so what
this is is the central place of the University. So what this is is an area
where you can have lecture halls, tutorial rooms as well and I mentioned earlier my
session but anyone here know the difference in a lecture and tutorial can
tell me that remembers exactly so for anyone I didn’t hear that I don’t still
want to know so the lecture hall is the bigger area we learn about the big
material of course material on tutorial would be a smaller session within that
lecture we can have a smaller a group discussion with your professor or
teacher assistant and learn about things at York. Everything all right let’s move
along! All right so we’re going to be walking this way towards Central Square and towards Scott Library. As we’re walking through this is a Ross-Vari Link this is where people actually table the different
organizations they’ll be promoting their specific club and their initiatives.
Right here is our Lost and Found services so if you ever lose something
we’re going to hope that it turns up over here. this is the Ross building
this is where the humanities and the Social Sciences departments and classes
take place. All right before we enter this is the
entrance to Scott library, this is one of the largest of the five libraries
here at York University, we have the Leslie Frost library at Glendon that
you’re more than welcome to access, we have Steacie library here mainly towards
the sciences. We have Osgoode for law, we have the Schulich library for their
business and here is Scott library. Before we enter can anyone guess how
many books there are in this specific library hints there are five floors in
this library how many books do you think are in this library? more. what’s that? 2.5
million books she’s got it just very much it’s not guys you saw it already.
That’s awesome so yes there are 2.5 million books in this library where I’ll
actually go away will be like look upstairs
we’re actually have a little presentation from the Learning Commons
and they’re going to tell you about all the different academic resources that
they have to offer when it comes to your transition to University. So let’s go in! I’ve mean at learning services what we do
is basically on equip students with the tools to succeed in university. So I don’t know
about you guys but when I started up at university no one really taught me what
a lecture was gonna be like I didn’t know to pay attention during a lecture how to
take proper notes or even how to take proper notes in readings and so what Learning Skills does basically give you those tools so the best thing to do is use
them right away! Attend our workshops as soon as you can so you understand how
all that stuff works. We have 13 different works about services and if
you attend eight or more you get a certificate which is not only a hard
copy of a certificate but it also goes on your co-curricular record. Do they know
about that co-curricular record? Not yet? You will become an experts at it no doubt!Not only do we offer workshops so let’s say you’re not really keen on workshop you
only like this facilitative or really ideas there being too many people maybe you’ve got a focused question you can come visit at drop it which is if you got a quick
question no more than 15 minutes we’ll work something out for you guys would
say you have a time management concern or you’re not sure about readings and its difficult
and we can walk you through it Not only do we offer that, we also offer
peer academic term coaching sessions which is like a job except you make a appointment
so that’s a lot more focus and we’re always upstairs our home is a second
floor at Scott Library, our welcome desk is there or drop in on there um and
you’ll always be somebody in a bright blue shirt like mine there so don’t ever
hesitate to see to ask the question if you have an academic question we’re more than happy to help and if we can’t we’ll put you in the right direction.
Are there any question? If anything ever arises we have a website, Twitter and Facebook pages.
All of our information is on the back of our
brochures so feel free to take one if you’re interested. Incase a
problem ever arises you know where to go. Thank You! This right here is the second floor of
Scott library as they mentioned before downstairs this is the Learning Commons
we can come in and drop in when it comes to academic question we actually have a
lot of study space up here there further up you go the quieter it gets. When it
comes to the exam period it actually is 24/7 so you can actually come here and
do studying when it comes to your exams. We will actually walk over this thing to
kind of show you the collaboratory it’s a little bit more of an open concept of
meeting up with other classmates to kind of study and go over exactly. So we can walk over this way And it is getting close to summer exam
time right now so that is why there is quite a few people here well like a
decent amount of people in here for summer. so yeah people studying hard. This is
just for people to kind of see, get a sense of how the collaboratory is spaced out, various tables to study on after we’re done you can
walk back and go downstairs and it will move on. So again this is more of the
conversation friendly area if you want anyone wants to just you know chill out
I guess have a little chat and stuff like that you can do that here as
opposed to the other levels, you can sleep here too it’s easier to sleep on the
higher level as well because its quiter If you’re ok with taking the stairs we can go down this way Yep so this right here is actually
called the sound and moving image library also has the SMIL so actually
really cool in here you can actually rent out any DVD you want.
They have many movies in here and behind you as well is the Map library so in
there you can one, the study space and two there’s a bunch of encyclopedias well
maps where not so if you want anything about geography it it’s in there yeah.
This if your wondering your blockbuster went it’s right here. We can move on. We’re going towards Campus Walk right now Quick little heads up, coming up on
your right is one of the many places we can eat here on campus actually so it is
our Central Square Cafeteria and there they have many places like for example
Pita Pit a place called Epic Burger get burgers and Miso which you get kind of
like an Asian fusion kind of food and then obviously Tim Hortons here
unfortunately they don’t sell hot food but they do sell like muffins, cookies,
Timbits, doughnuts whatnot. You’re best friend during exam period! So what you’re in right now is actually Curtis lecture
hall so a lot of your larger lectures will happen in here is like 1 2 3 4 floors
so for example this is lecture hall F on the side here is lecture all ABCD all
the ways to lay I think it’s H so yeah. You will probably have a class here at
least once in your university career I’d be surprised if you didn’t. This is
also helpful during exams. This is another food place, what’s so unique about this place
is actually during the exam period if you’re here late at night they’re
actually open 24/7 so if you needed like a quick snack while you’re studying this
is a place to go. Now we’ll continue moving outside. So this right here is
campus walk this is like the main pathway to go to and from like different
aspects of the university just on buildings and surrounding us this is Lassonde building, this is where a lot of the engineering students have their classes
they have some large lecture halls that I’ve actually had classes in. This campus
walk actually during York fest it’s an event held by YFS they actually have all
400 student organizations all the colleges all the faculties they bring
out their tables and essentially promote everything about their mandate. It’s a
perfect opportunity to get free stuff. Agendas, t-shirts, lanyard, swag you name
it like that’s the day 3rd week of
September, we will obviously be giving out reminders to our Facebook pages and
email so obviously stay tuned for that. We’ll continue walking this way As you can see over there, probably
the most beautiful building Keele has to offer a guy named Bergeron I don’t know
who he is, donated ten million dollars for us York University to have the
Bergeron building, that is an extension of the Lassonde engineering program here
there are 3D printers, various lecture halls, some very high-tech gadgets in
there for our students. They have study spaces in there where you are more than
welcome to actually take advantage of an absolutely beautiful campus if you want
go on my Instagram I took an amazing photo there actually like do it! This right here is William Small Center as the sign says this is where our security
services are housed, parking services as well as our YU card office if you
haven’t already gotten your YU card printed out this is where you would go.
When it comes to anything security parking or YU card related this is the
building, this is also one of the parking garages here at York University that
you’re able to park your car in and we’ll continue moving on it’s also
really good Tim’s here, Tim Hortons that sell sandwiches and soups the only one
on campus Alright so right here, actually right behind this building here
this is actually called the Life Science building so one of our newer buildings
as well it looks nice, can’t you tell. behind that building is Tate McKenzie
Center which is our gym so that is where you will go like I said before it’s $15
for the year if you like to do fitness, if you like to work out, if you just want to
go there for like recreational like swimming or play basketball in the gym.
Play intramurals whatever you just go it’s for free as long as you sign up
with your YU card. I mentioned this in my session as well but please please try
to go as soon as you can you can also you call, go today if you want to but if
you go during September the line is crazy it will go out the door and you
have to wait very long time necessarily $15 really entire your dollars yet
that’s it In your tuition you’re already paying
for a lot of the services so please take advantage of all this right something
else that I also want to add is this right here we’re one of the few
universities that actually has a public accessible Observatory mark this on your
calendar if your interest in astronomy like me August 21st from 1 to 4, there is
a solar eclipse that is actually happening.
They’re going to be having a public viewing here at the Lion Stadium for
that so if you’re interested please come out to that and as you can see right
here I know you’ll mention a little bit more absolutly. Behind me is the Lions
Stadium actually was built within the last year so what they had here
was you Pan Am Games if you didn’t know that. So it is a world
class track and field center yeah you actually if you come on York Orientation
Day we will be having our final event our festival kind of close off will be in here with the stage in the front so it’ll be really cool thing so please
come. That’d be awesome awesome and we’ll continue moving this way! Right now
we’re just there behind some of the buildings that we already passed through,
that’s the Lassonde building and this is one of the libraries that I mentioned before
Steacie Library more catered towards the sciences. Actually will go to walk
through right now is two of the science buildings I have here at York University
so the one on your right will be the Farquaharson Life Sciences Building and
the one on your left will be the Lumbers building so I mean you may have classes
that may have labs they’re actually really cool, personally I had a lab in
there like vo2 max testing stuff like that really interesting really high tech
stuff Popeyes or Hero Burger or Thai Express, even have our
own Shoppers Drug Mart to buy a prescription medication are your basic
necessities. We also have our dental office and walk-in-clinic so alot of those essential services that you may need throughout university life, we have them here at York University. As I mentioned before with a YFS health plan you can use a lot of
services here. On the second floor of York Lanes that’s a lot of the offices for
international student, if have any resources or questions or anything related to international concerns
here is go upstairs and have one question. we also have a very vital service which is CASS, the Center for Aboriginal Student Services so for those who identify
with the indigenous culture and they can go in there get resources and
essentially have a great transition when it comes to university We’re going to be going all the way down, besides Shoppers, is our York University bookstore is, that’s where, in the basement That’s where all the books are sold. When it comes to the courses you may have. The exit is under construction so we won’tbe going down there that they would have Does anyone have any questions it comes to the bookstore?
or York Lanes or anything in general? all right! Let’s continue walking! Did I miss anything?
Especially if you have the map still on you, on the map there’s a section that has York Lanes specifically
and shows exactly what is in York Lanes if you want to use that as a resource.
We also have maps at the REDZone Desk where we came from in Vari Hall if you want one later. Awesome! Let’s walk. Altight, this right here is our bus loop! This is where the TTC and the GO bus actually
stop along the corner over there that’s where the VIVA and ZUM bus stop. After some of these buses leave we will be crossing over and going towards the Bennet Center As you can see
on your left, that is the long-awaited TTC expansion
we are actually one of the only universities in North America that
actually has a subway stop inside of our campus so that’s very neat. Projected to
be finished in December so it’s going to be a lot easier when it comes to
going downtown and around Toronto. Yep, literally if you don’t knwo the TTC it will take you
literally right to the heart of downtown all you have to do is sit on the subway, its the easiest thing ever. 20-30 min, you’ll be there And then on our right this is just like the Commons when it comes to like
greater weather like today you’re able to hang out with friends sit down enjoy
the wildlife, sit by the fountain We’ll be walking along right now here is a
Accolade East and Accolade West these are more spaces for a lecture hall and
tutorial space On our left that is Kaneff Tower, that’s where alot of the York administration have their offices like the president the
VP Students Lucy is where they have their
offices So this is Accolade East, just downstairs is tutorial rooms and lecture halls. On my left, actually another good friend
of ours Seymour Schulich he actually donated 20 million to actually
have this billion dollars, its our renowned business school Ranked #1 in all of Canada. So this is where our fellow Schulich students
actually have a lot of classes and seminars and workshops, so another space you are more than welcome to go into, to relax or study in. We’ll continue this way So in this section right here we have
theater hall and concert hall, as you can see there is a dance recital right now. This where a lot of like
important program happens. Whenever important updates from the York
University administration it would actually come down here, hold a townhall
to update all of us, on when I comes to the University . So we’ll continue walking over. Alright we’ll be walking towards the Bennett Centre. What you can all see, across the street is Seneca College. The Stephen E. Quinlan Building which is a Seneca at York Building Anyone you may know at Seneca at this campus will be in this building right here. Alright, so we are now in the Bennett Centre. What you can come here for is anything regarding registerial services right in here, anything regarding finances or admissions upstairs. In here we have Counselling & Disabilty Services so if you ever need to go there. Also you may have parked here today, this is one of our many parking garages here at York University.
As mentioned before, you’re paying quite a bit for your tuition, counseling alone, that’s not only if you had a traumatic event. If you need to talk
about your stress to an actual counselor and you can go there. It’s free.
We already pay for the take advantage of the various resources that we actually have
offered and with that said that concludes this York 101 tour.

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