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(wind blowing) (upbeat music) – [Guide] Yosemite has
800 milesof hiking trail So there’s a lot of
wild country to explore. This is where the National
Park concept started with citizens seeing this landscape, being so awestruck, and they said can we protect this beauty? – [Woman] You hear words like majestic, awe inspiring, incredible but
there are no words to describe some of the trees, some of the vistas.
(man yelling) You can’t believe what you’re looking at. – [Man] You can see photographs, you can see things on television, but to be here and be overpowered by the beauty of it is just an incredible experience. – El Capitan in all of its glory. – [Woman] It was just
way above expectations. Being on the Backroads trip allowed me to do things that I wouldn’t have done if we came on our own. – [Man] This is our 11th Backroads trip. with Backroads offering fabulous trips to the National Parks, we just kept going year
after year after year. Incredibly well taken care of that’s why we keep coming back time after time after time.
– The week was incredible. Everything about it, the trip leaders, the scenery, the park. The people on the trip have
been so warm and friendly. We just can’t say enough about how much fun we’ve had. This was our first Backroads trip but I can guarantee you
it will not be our last. – My favorite things about Yosemite are impossible to count. And I think anybody that comes here, they see this landscape and they go oh my, wow this is extraordinary and exceptional. – This is one of the best things that we’ve ever done, by far. – [Woman] How could I have
not known that this existed. I will go home and say
Yosemite has to be seen. (slow bright music)

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