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(fanfare vocalizing) – [Host] Yellow Productions Presents a travel guide for Zurich in Switzerland. (upbeat accordion music) In this video I’ll tell you
everything you need to know to visit the Swiss city of Zurich. We’ll start by taking a trip
to Zurich’s main train station, we’ll take a stroll down
Zurich’s main shopping street, we’ll stop in for some
tasty Swiss sausages, we’ll have some cheap eats at
the Manora department store, and some vegetarian eats at Hitl, and then we’ll talk
about Swiss chocolates, followed up by the really
neat fountains in Zurich, then we’ll talk about what
souvenirs you might want to bring back from Switzerland,
and then I’ll round out the video with Zurich’s other main attractions in the Old Town area. But before we get into
all those attractions, let me just give you some
general background on Zurich. Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city with a population of 400,000. It is not the capital
of Switzerland but it is often considered to be the
world’s capital of banking. Zurich has been ranked
in a number of surveys as having the best quality
of life in the world. It is the wealthiest city in
Europe, as well as being ranked as one of the top 10 most
livable cities in the world. Many travel guides will
tell you if you’re going to Switzerland to skip Zurich
altogether, but if you’re coming to Switzerland
and you’re flying in, you’ll likely be flying
into Zurich, so I think it’s well worth a day either on
your way in or your way out. Everything I’ll show you in
this video, you can probably fit into one or one and
a half days in Zurich. Zurich’s main transportation
hub is the Hauptbahnhof. My German’s maybe not so good, but that’s the main train station. This is the main train station. There’s thousands of trains
that come in here every day, so if you’re going to other
places you’ll probably come through Zurich’s main
train station, also this is Zurich’s big shopping hub. The stores in Zurich close
notoriously early, but the stores in the train station stay
open often much later. And if you’re looking
for tourist information, find the big blue angel
and just below it is a a really helpful tourist service shop. You can pick up maps,
you can ask questions, and you can pick up all sorts
of Switzerland souvenirs. And occasionally there’s
farmers markets here too. I think every Wednesday
evening, maybe more often, but today’s Wednesday and there’s
a farmers market back there with fruits and vegetables,
and some tasty ethnic treats. Chances are if there’s
something you’re looking for, you’ll find it in the main train station. They’ve even got a 24-hour pharmacy. For exploring Zurich where you’ll want to start is on the Bahnhofstrasse. This street right behind me, and it’s just out from the
train station in front of that blue angel, it is the
train station street. There’s a big fountain right
there, and this is where all of Zurich’s big shops and
big department stores are. One of the main squares in
the center of the city is Paradeplatz, this square right here. It’s got the Savoy hotel right here, one of the more expensive
hotels in Zurich, so that’s not where we’re staying. The Fraumunster, which
is right across the river from the Grossmunster,
that’s the women’s minster, famous stained glass in there,
though there’s an admission fee, but the coolest thing
I like about this square is you can see all the trams that come by. Zurich has an extensive
network of these street cars. They’ll take you about
everywhere you need to go, so you could walk but why waste your feet when you can take those trams. They’re neat, they’re clean,
and it’s amazing that they actually stay on time, ’cause they have to stop a lot for people
to cross the street. But you should be careful
of them when you’re walking around, ’cause they are kind of quiet. They can sneak up on you a little bit. And if you walk Bahnhofstrasse
all the way to the end, you will get here to Lake Zurich. This is a really big lake in
Zurich, it runs 40 kilometers long, from here there’s
also some sight-seeing boats that you can take out on the lake. On a warm day, you will
see wind surfers out there, and people doing all sorts of
water sport lake activities, or just sitting around and relaxing at some of the benches here. And yes, you might even just
find some of Switzerland iconic swans around here on the lake. For some tasty sausages
in a historic setting, visit the Zeughauskeller. This was built in the
year 1400 as a armory, but now they serve sausages and beer. What a great combination. If you can’t decide which sausage to get, they sell the sausage sampler, which is a collection of sausages on a skewer, and it’ll come by default
with a potato salad, or you can also have it
with what they call the rosti which is kinda like hash browns. So definitely a lively place to check out, I don’t know if you’d call
these Swiss specialties, but they sure look tasty. For some cheap eats on the Bahnhofstrasse, stop into the Manor department store. There’s the Manora Restaurant
on the fifth floor, which is the sixth ’cause the zero floor is the ground level. It’s a cheap cafeteria-style buffet. It’s kind of all you can eat,
like if you get one of the meats, then you can add as
many vegetables as you want as long as it’s all on the
same plate for the same price. My plate that has a little bit of chicken on the bottom and lots of vegetables and pasta on the top was about 14 francs. Another cheap eat in the downtown of Zurich is at the HITL house. It’s kind of a cafeteria buffet style. You pick up a plate and you
go through and you fill it up with as much as you want,
and then they weigh it at the end and that’s how you pay. The price is 45 francs per kilogram. So two kind of half-full
plates of food was 35 francs. I say it’s cheap eats, because
well, you do your math if that’s cheap to you or not,
but Zurich style, it is cheap. It is a particularly
vegetarian restaurant, so there’s a lot of vegetarian
Indian, vegetarian Thai, you’ll find some pretty good
desserts, and there’s a little bit of chicken if you look
all the way up on top. One of the chocolate stores
on the main shopping street is called Sprungli. It’s right behind me right here. This is kind of their big flagship store. They’ve got two sides, a place
where you can buy chocolates but a place you can also
sit outside cafe-style, get coffee, drinks, you can get pastries. We had kind of a taste chocolate pastry, and they also sell chocolate (speaks foreign language)
or chocolate milk. And this, well, it’s the most expensive chocolate milk I’ve ever bought. 550 Swiss francs, and it
kind of has a unique taste. You know why? It has bourbon in it. Most of the chocolate stores
in Zurich you’ll find they sell the chocolate by weight,
typically priced per the 100 grams, and most of these
places there’s no minimum. You can get just get one,
two pieces if you want. You gotta lot of friends back at home, course you can buy it by the box. Some of the more interesting
ones that I think I had here were the champagne truffles,
truffles with champagne inside. I’m not sure that it’s
Dom Perignon though. Zurich is a very fountain-friendly city. There are over 1,200 public
fountains in the city of Zurich. Bottled water can be pretty
expensive, it can be like 3 Swiss francs for a bottle of water. But if you run out of your water, you can just fill it up at these
public fountains and drink. Delicious! My bottle is empty, but the
good thing is there’s plenty of fountains, and I’ve found
what I think is Zurich’s coolest fountain, and
I just can’t figure out how to get my water bottle over there, but then I looked and
it’s not just decorative, there’s actually a little
spout right over here to fill up with some delicious water. I mentioned it’s
delicious but the thing is it’s also cold and
refreshing too, it’s probably melted snow that fills this up. So when you’re hot, you
don’t even need refrigerated water, just get it right
out of the fountain. Wondering what souvenirs
to bring back from Zurich, well the Swiss are
famous for their watches. The Rolex store here,
they’ve got some watches in the window, well some
that don’t have prices, but the ones that do have prices, this one here is 35,000 francs. Pretty cheap, bring that
back to a loved one. You know an interesting
statistic about Switzerland is 95% of the world’s watches that cost over $1,000
come from Switzerland. So you can buy one of them
right where it’s made. Some slightly more affordable souvenirs are Swiss Army knives. Something you’ll see
in a lot of stores are wooden cows, yes, wooden cows. Wouldn’t you know it! But if you can afford a Rolex,
then buy one for me too. Come up to the Lindenhof Park,
it’s this park on top of this little or kind of big hill in
the middle of Old Town Zurich, and you can see commanding
views of the river and the buildings below. Great place to get your orientation, though I must say the park
is not the most beautiful. I guess ’cause it snows here,
there’s not a lot of grass. But the view is beautiful. Iconic to the Zurich
skyline, is the Grossmunster. The great minster church,
with its two soaring towers. You can pay 5 francs and go
all the way up to the top for some pretty good views of Zurich. Even if you aren’t climbing
the tower, do head inside. Admission is free, and make sure to check out the crypt right below the altar. Here’s this kind of spooky
statue and a sign that said the first church is thought to be built on this site in the year 700 something. Just across the river from the Grossmunster is the Fraumunster. This is the women’s minster. It has some beautiful
stained glass windows inside. Admission to this one is 5 Swiss francs. A good place to come in the
evening when all the shops on the Bahnhofstrasse are
closing, is across the river on the side with the Grossmunster,
the church with the two steeples, into the Neiderdorf District. This is the Neiderdorf
Strasse, big pedestrian street, and this area has a lot
of restaurants, bars, and it’s also kind of the
slightly seedier side, the red light district,
I’m looking at a place that does tattoo and piercings, too. So many tourist books would describe this as the colorful part of Zurich. That brings us to the end of this video, (upbeat accordion music) and so Topher and I,
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